• Bouteflika Wants You
    Photos of President Bouteflicka and his cult of personality campaign.


  • Syrian Border - Dual Portaits
    Photos of Hafez Assad and his son Bashar Assad are festooned all over Syria and Lebanon. This gallery documents how a cult-of-personality for the Assads has been established by the Syrian regime in both countries. The photos come from a variety of sources.

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June 11, 2007



I hope we see more of this! Allahu Akbar!


your title of your website is racist and stereotypical. just because one group of people decided to blow up america (and thank god that happened) it doesnt mean all middle easterners or muslims are terrorists. as americans you should know that. or maybe u shouldnt. all americans are stupid. now thats an accurate stereotype.

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The Spanish Plateresque design church opened in 1940 and is meant to hearken back to Toledo’s namesake in Spain. It is the only church of its design in North America.

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So funny, I think.*

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I'm agree that they have brough this men to the court because police men think that they have the autority to do whatever they want and it isn't right.

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Dude, I agree with Emily about, your title of your website is racist and stereotypical... you can change the style to post, because we're people who likes the respect in the information. It's just for keep the line.

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People who torture should be sentenced to the same things they do, but in a double doses, they dont feel so let them suffer for something.

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That's the horror of people wanting to hurt others, with no consciousness!!

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Thanks for the thoughts guys; sometimes I feel like I'm speaking into a void, but it's good to know y'all are thinking about this stuff on your own.

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Police tortures in some places are very barbaric, being authorized to exercise power doesn't mean to act wild. This should be a lesson for all those policemen who tries take power into their hand.

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