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    Photos of President Bouteflicka and his cult of personality campaign.


  • Syrian Border - Dual Portaits
    Photos of Hafez Assad and his son Bashar Assad are festooned all over Syria and Lebanon. This gallery documents how a cult-of-personality for the Assads has been established by the Syrian regime in both countries. The photos come from a variety of sources.

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May 26, 2008


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What kind of people are those..and in what century are we living..that black people are still being beat up just because ..well just because they are black...I would have all those so called police officers put behind bars for a very very long time (just lock them up and throw away the key)..but the problem is far larger...the problem is that the society in that country accepts that..and that is normal to them..cause if it weren't so..these would be isolated cases..and I am sure they are not...


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I think we all know that racism is not confined to the west, but is pervasive in all societies.
I once got a lift to Mauritania from Dakhla and paid for someone from Subsaharan Africa to get a lift in the same van as myself (he was hitching by the roadside) and some Moroccans and Mauritanians - the driver was from Mauritania. During the journey he was subjected to a lot of ridicule. I asked the driver why - he said because he is black. I told the driver that in my country he (the driver) would also be considered black (he had European features but his skin was definitely black), at which point he looked horrified! He did however stop harassing the other guy and told the others to leave him alone. Ignorance and superiority are rife in all countries - no one is better than another - irrespective of colour or religion!

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the arabs who dominate morocco, algeria and other north african countries have no right to harass and attack people because they are africans. arabs are not the indigenous people of north africa, they are the descendants of invaders who conquered north africa in the 7th century. the true indigenous peoples of north africa are the berbers, and the haratine people. they should unite and drive out these racist, slave trading arab colonial parasites. death to all arabs!

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